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Tradition X Modernization.

            “It is not the dead who they can’t seem to forget but, it’s the tradition that lies within.” – This is what I’ve realized after I’ve watched Ms. Kara David’s documentary about the Hanunuo Tribe of the Mangyans and their tradition of “Pagkukutkot”. I can’t seem to fully understand what comprises it but I found it amazing that after all this years, they still maintained their tradition.

             At first, I’ll admit I found it disturbing because what they’re doing in the remains of their loved ones is different from what I’ve been seeing and I’m used to. I used to believe to the ideology that once a person was dead, he/she should be left at peace. But, as the documentary continues, it made me realize their traditions’ worth and why they couldn’t just let their culture be forgotten. It is because it’s the only culture left and if they drop their tradition, they’d be also be forgotten and that is the matter that struck me the most. It’s heartwarming and at the same time, alarming because modernity is slowly approaching them. It’s only a matter of time before they could fully embrace our culture and many of their tribe members also, aren’t believing in this kind of tradition anymore.

         I had also observed that their tradition is not that different from us, it’s just that, their efforts are much more appreciative. Why do I say so? The reason is that, some of the people who dies today aren’t given enough consideration of having a proper burial and some of them are just eventually forgotten by their own families. Their efforts of remembering their Lolo Juan, treating him and caring for him like he’s actually there and he’s not dead, is what I appreciate the most because who doesn’t want to feel his loved ones warmth and presence? I guess no one.

          There are many times that Ms. Kara mentioned that maybe we’re thinking that it is just a mere tradition to them, a set of bones that they’re moving to a place or another but for them, it reflects their rich culture that had not yet faded and I couldn’t agree less. Most of the time, we care less about the simplest things but for this tribe, their origin and remaining tradition is what in the the utmost stake. So, they’re doing their best to preserve everything and make it a habit so that they could still be able pass it to the future generation.

         Time will continuously pass and the traditions we once know will gradually change. But, by watching this kind of commemoration from the Hanunuo tribe, I thought that there’s still a glimpse of chance that our traditions could still be saved. I do hope that it is not yet the end for the arising and discovering of the hidden rich cultures of the Philippines and our tribes because it is what makes us. It is what will differentiate us from others and it is something we could be proud of.

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Unleashing the voice and story.

         To write with my heart is what I’m doing most of the time. I knew it is what I’ve been doing and I can feel that I am at my best when doing so, but sometimes, it’s hard writing stories you’d really wish to forget.

          I seldom write stories about the past incidents that became the major turning point of my own country’s history.

        And, in terms of singing the national anthem, I’ll admit I’m one of those people who didn’t sang it correctly and properly.

I regret lacking in some aspects when I write but that is how I learn.

My imperfections leads me to being curious and that gives me an opportunity to learn what I’ve been missing and I must say that, it is how I unleash my own story.

I’m torn between choosing among the three “Ted talks” we’ve watched in our Media Journalism class last time because they all affected me in different ways.

Mr. Joey Ayala’s talk is very informational and it had knocked some sense to me.


Ms. Patricia Evangelista’s talk is really admirable and informational for me because I once dreamed to write  like her, to write about human rights, victims of violence, rape, unjust and unheard stories about missing people. But, I know I’m unable to do because of my uncertainties and fear.

Ms. Antoinette Jadaone’s talk spoke to me the most and it’s like I’m looking at the mirror of my past.

Because, that is how I usually write, writing using my heart and the feelings.

So me, being still undecided, ended up re-watching the talks again at home. After hours of contemplating, I finally grasp my choice and yes, I followed the heart once again.

       So here it is now, I’m going to share my views about Ms. Jadaone’s because I can reflect myself through the course of her talk and the way we both write is undeniably the same.

I knew we are on the same boat when she started to narrate about how amateur she is back then when it comes to matters with love, relationships and heartbreak. I even thought that heartbreak only applies with your boyfriend/girlfriend. I didn’t realized that heartbreak could also apply to your relationship with friends and families until I’ve experienced it.

Indeed, I practically lived by the quote:

“Experience is your best teacher” 👍

I’ve seen love before as a petty thing to think about yet now, I couldn’t imagine what I would be without it. That’s why, I also agreed with her when she mentioned that:

“We are most creative when we are at the utmost of our emotions” 💗

I’m reminded of what urged me in creating this blog.

It’s because I can’t get enough of the feeling of being in the midst of an unrequited love.

“The words seems to flow nonstop and you’re very inspired to write everything because you’re too mesmerized by the feeling” ✍😭

I even found myself lingering to the feeling of being hurt and a masochist because it’s too addicting. Every little thing creates such special meaning to you.

Like Ms. Jadaone said, you can be able to write like you’ve never written before and that’s is exactly what I did when my heart sank a lot of times before.

I learnt that if I’m hurt…

                                                     “Writing it would help me ease the pain.”

If I’m happy and excited about something, I even more likely to…

“Inscribe it in words than to just remember the feeling it brings me.”

It’s like you’re allowing yourself to be free from a suffering and at the same time, gathering a strength and will to continue your life.

There are still many points I would like to commend about her talk but the part that I loved the most is when she spoke about writing with sincerity wherein she stated,

“Writing with the heart and editing with the brain.”

Sincere kind of writing doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be real.

      It’s that one thing I want to possess in all of my writings and I really admire her by doing that. As much as possible, I don’t want to conceal anything when I write but the thing is, I can’t help but to be anxious at times. But I’m glad I’ve known a person like her who’s brave enough to tell her story and that gave me an encouragement that I could also do that without me overthinking about anything.

I even started setting a new goal for my blog because I found a new meaning for the unrequited love and this time, it’s a positive one. ☺ 🙌

        With her talk, I’ve seen much that I could reflect myself into. Now that I think about it, I didn’t realize that I’m actually doing that sincere writing she was talking about for who knows how long now. All my works corresponds to what my heart felt most of the time even if it’s meant to be given by unbearable pain or too much joy.

         Even before I’ve watched this talk, I had my tagline set in my blog as:

“To write with my heart is to write what I love.”

I guess I’m just too clueless to notice it but I’m grateful watching Ms. Jadaone’s talk because it helped me assess what kind of writer I am.

Cheers to all my future works and Ms. Jadaone’s too!

I’ll surely be trying to not suppress myself, be sincere as possible and surely set my heart as my core. 😍💞

Photo credits to: TEDx Talks – Youtube channel. 😊

You can also watch Ms. Jadaone’s talk here:






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New Jollibee Commercials – My view and thoughts about it. 🤔

It’s kinda’ late to post this but uhmm… Let’s just say I’m following the bandwagon. 😂

Credits to: Jollibee Philippines for the screenshots of the videos!

The very first commercial that I’ve watched among the three commercials is the ‘Date’.

Their tagline for date was…

‘Para sa pagmamahalang walang katapusan’.

Well, I guess there’s also no end for me in liking this commercial. Why? Just keep on reading!

         ‘Date’ is known for the story of a deceased man/father who planned a surprise gift ahead of time because he doesn’t want his family, especially his other half to be left alone on Valentines Day. Apart from the usual concept of the ads of Jollibee, they gathered base stories from different people and did a retelling of each in their new ads. Considering that fact alone, I think it added reality to their ads and this is one factor I also liked about this ad, Date. It’s far more realistic than the two ads, ‘Vow’ and ‘Crush’ maybe because of the great acting from the actors that made it more natural, or maybe the atmosphere, or even the setting and the storyline itself made it more lifelike.

        When it comes to its technical aspect, the music used is just fine and a simple instrumental but the way it is used for fitting the mood of the story is just right and helped in upbringing the emotions. There’s no need for a grand music if it is inappropriate and doesn’t help in setting the right ambiance for the whole story.

             I also want to commend the use of technology in this ad, because all people could relate to it most especially now that all people made use of modern technology to communicate as a part of their daily living and it’s great that they’ve shown it in the ad.

 The way they shoot the scenes mostly comprises of close-ups of the essential scenes like for example;

When the son, Joey was preparing for the surprise,

 When the father is talking in the video,


And the close-up shots also helped in capturing the momentous reaction of the mother.


         Shot credits from: Jollibee Philippines (Youtube).

I also recognized that they used English subtitles not only to this ad but it applies to all of their new ads. For me, they’ve done a great job considering the platforms they’d be showing their ads like Facebook and YouTube wherein not only the Filipinos are engaged into it but also the people in other countries which I thought made their ads massively trending. It displays how they connect their ads to the modern-day that it even reaches the people all around the world.

Upon watching the three ads, this ad reflected the reality of life and this ad also made me teared up the most. I guess I just really liked its overall interpretation of the story. It really looked so natural to me as if there are no scripts and actors behind it. I do hope that they continue this kind of commercials  especially now that it appealed to all people. I must say it’s a great strategy and step up for Jollibee! 👏

But I’m not done yet! 😂 I also had comments for their other ad, ‘Crush‘. My second fav. among the three! 💞

For Crush, they’ve used the tagline…

“Para sa mga hindi nag-give up sa pag-ibig”

And for me, this has a special meaning. I don’t know why but I had a thing with unrequited love and I think that it’s the kind of love that’s worthy admiring for. 😍

         While ‘Date’ shows familial love, ‘Crush’ advertisement shown a cliché kind of love. The typical mushy love story depicting love at first sight within a boy that fell in love with a girl who he seen eating a Jollibee YUM Burger and ended with a happy ending as it was always supposed to be.

          Jollibee did a great story of establishing the story of a look back to the old times kind of feeling and interconnecting it into this modern time in this ad that’s why many people could still associate themselves into this ad. Maybe some, experienced love at first sight or many people had already had their own happy endings or there are others who had gathered a new idea for courting or this ad makes them simply happy by seeing how simple life is back then wherein life is very undemanding and there’s no influence yet of modern technology, just like I did.

I found this ad even more interesting because of the musical scoring that they used which is a song from Ric Segreto – ‘Don’t know what to say’. It’s a really good song and it is one of my favorite OPM songs. I think it’s a good choice of song because the message of this song suited well in the story, depicting t guy who’s secretly head over heels with a girl.

With the shots used, it definitely fits the story when they used the concept of time lapsing. It made the ad looked more good and that’s a great strategy of establishing that there’s a continuity of the story from the old times to the present.

      The presentation of the ad is good but then I noticed a scene that makes it a little bit off. The scene wherein the varsity boyfriend of the girl is introduced, the wardrobe of the boyfriend makes his entrance awkward because his jersey shorts looks really fitted for him, it is unnecessary folded and it doesn’t really suit him. I don’t know if that is part of the trend before or if he just rapidly stand up from sitting but all I know is that it is appropriate for him and for the scene.


      The setting, mood and atmosphere is just perfect for the overall concept because it brings back memories and that’s what made it in advantage because many people would want to relieve their memories and the old time and by watching this ad, it served as a great reminder for them of what is the real meaning of love even it is bound by any boundaries like imperfect timing or moments.

I also want to regard the use of ‘sticky notes’ because even though there’s a minimal script involved, it really helped the viewers like me to follow through the flow of the story. (This sticky note thingy became an instant trend!)


With all that combined aspects, it resulted to a remarkable kind of advertisement.

It had shown that real love is timeless.

And with all of these ads, many people had changed their views about what is real love and a lot of them also, will start to patronize Jollibee ads because of this newly improved marketing strategy.

        Lastly,(Last na, Promise! 😂) I have read a lot of comments and posts in social media about some people saying that Jollibee contradicts their original tagline ‘Bida ang Saya‘ but I don’t share the same viewpoint with them. For me, by admiring and appreciating different kinds of love by letting the world know, understand the real meaning of it by sharing this stories and many people could relate and sympathize with it, I do think that it will still show happiness. So that is all! Great job, Jollibee for appreciating each story and making every people happy!

“Nothing could underestimate the power of love whatever kind it is because it has the ability to show genuine happiness. ” Pelobello, (2017) Char. 😆

Please watch all the ads! You won’t regret any of it. I’m sure of that! 🤘

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SEVENTEEN CARAT Amino app. 😀📱 (How do I use it?)

First thing first, I want to share this funny story of mine on how I founded this app.

I had no idea what kind of mobile app is this until it’s already installed in my phone.

I’m just simply scanning and scrolling in Google Play  in hopes of finding a Rose Quartz and Serenity (SEVENTEEN’s fandom color) colored theme to be installed in my phone.

I really had a thought at first after I’ve seen the SEVENTEEN CARAT Amino logo, that it is what I’m specifically looking for. I thought it is an app that generates the theme color.

To my surprise, I found out that what I’ve installed was a community and a blog rather than a theme generator.

Upon learning how this app/blog works, I realized that it’s pretty awesome!

Most especially for me, whose currently learning about blogging. It actually helped me to practice my writing and blogging skills and not only that! I could also spazz with my favorite KPOP group at the same time. Isn’t it cool? 😅

Okay! Enough of my epic story. Let’s now proceed at my real purpose of writing this blog!

I’ll be discussing how do I use the SEVENTEEN CARAT Amino App. (Yey!)

I’ve been using the app. for 4 months already now so I must say that I’m fond of using it now and already grasp its features. (I’m not a pro though. 😂)

But I’ll try to share every bit of what I’ve learned about this app. So, let’s get started?

I will just discuss some of its features so that you can also explore it on your own.

What I like about this app is that, you can do many things more than blogging. You can participate in challenges, customize your profile, spazz your favorite KPOP group and be updated in their whereabouts, chat and be friends with people all around the world, be creative and post some of your fan arts and edits, share videos, photos of your favorite artists, be featured and be read and followed by others by your feed and just have fun with things, people, hubby, artists or anything that interests you.

For me, it’s like a social media platform that both comprises the features of Facebook and WordPress.

BTW, there’s a slight difference between SEVENTEEN Carat Amino at the main Amino: Communities and Chats app.

In Seventeen Carat Amino, it only specializes updates and blogs about the KPOP group, SEVENTEEN alone and given that, you can’t join other communities outside the Carat amino.

While in the main Amino app, you can join other communities and choose among tons of communities that contains your interest. (That’s the only thing I’ve noticed that differs them, though.) But I guess they’re still same in function.


Recently, I updated this app and as usual, I notice a lot of changes. But, because my phone is not updated like the app. (LOL. I joked.) some of the updates, didn’t work for me. 😔

  • They added emojis that corresponds to your everyday mood.
  • You can be able to see how many members are online on that day and you can also go online and offline if you want to.
  • You can send direct messages to a specific person of your choice.
  • You can now put background colors on your posts and in your own feed.
  • It’s more easier to control and use because all of the features are labeled.

Some things had also changed since I joined Amino. I have a lot of followers now. (Yipee!) Whenever I update, I gain followers and they like and read my posts which made me felt really good. (I’m following them in return too!).

I’m updating my blog weekly whenever I had a free time. I am easily updated by news about SEVENTEEN unlike before, that I had to search through different sites which is very time consuming.

I can now participate to fan projects, games and challenges intended for Seventeen.

And the real fun part is that, I can freely express my love and appreciation for SEVENTEEN which I opted to held back  because other people can’t relate with my posts.

I simply love CARAT Amino. It is informational and innovative. 💞

You should try it too! So you could see how awesome it is. You wouldn’t think twice of installing it. 👍

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DIY heart paper planes. ❤✈

This is an original idea from: Jeremy Shafer.

Visit, subscribe and learn a lot of origami ideas from his YouTube channel:


Username: JeremyShaferOrigami

You’re maybe asking me what interests me in doing this DIY.

At this age, it’s very unusual for me to make paper planes.

The answer is of course, it’s intended for my fangirling purposes.

It’s very fun and easy to do. 😍😊

This will not consume your time. In fact, you can finish this in a couple of minutes.

Just trust your creative ability! 🎨

Please bear with my pictures and excuse my oh-so-colorful study table. ✌

The things you will need for this DIY:

  • Colored Papers (Colors will vary upon your choice)15271401_1135947203187790_770539667_o
  •  Smaller pieces of paper/ memo pad/ sticky note will be better for writing notes at the back of the plane.
  • Scissor.
  • Ballpen.

Step 1:

  • Choose one(1) colored paper of your choice.  Mine, I choose purple. Yeah, it’s purple. My camera tricks you. Hohoho 😜


Step 2: 

  • Fold the paper diagonally. It’s okay to overlap but make sure that both endpoints left and right side are equal in height. Another way to make sure that the left and right endpoints of the paper are equal, take a look at the arc. The arc must also be equal in height.
  • You can also fold the paper in half. If all sides of the paper are equal after you folded it, then you’re on the right track! 👍 Keep going!


Step 3: 

  • Make a fold corresponding to the both endpoints of the paper, resulting to a larger fold.
  • Do another fold to make it smaller. (This fold will be the structure line/shape of the heart.)



Step 4: 

  • Clasp both ends of the paper and create a heart shape from it, secure it with a staple.
    • If you find it hard to form or shape the paper because of the innate inflexible/firm structure of the paper you’re using(most especially if you’re using a construction paper), you can rub the folded part of your paper back and forth at the sides of your table. In that way, it can make the paper flexible enough for easy shaping.



Step 5:

  • You can make use of the spacious back of the heart paper plane to slip in a message for your someone special. It will not be a heart shaped plane for nothing. (If you know what I mean. 💟)
  • You can write directly at it (but I found that messy) or you can stick a note or a smaller piece of paper. (like I did) LOL There’s someone trying to be neat here. 😂 Blah! As if. Haha! ANYWAYS! WE MADE IT! YOU MADE IT! 👏 And….voilà! We’re done!



If you’re wondering why I decided to do this DIY, then here’s the story behind it.

Last August 14 and 15 2016, SEVENTEEN (the new KPOP group I am obsessed into these days) held a fan meeting here in Philippines.

For the very first time, my friends and I we’re planning to be at least Team Airport (A group of KPOP fans who waits for the departure of their idols at the airport)  or Team Labas (Another group of KPOP fans that aside from waiting at the airport, they follows their idols’ route up until where the concert/fanmeeting/event will take place). 

For a change, I guess. We’re always Team Bahay. (A group of KPOP fans who stays at their homes, tuning in to updates, listening or watching free live streams and has the saddest life of all. 😭 Joke! 😂 )

[Why am I even explaining it here? I’ll be just create another story for this! Sorry! ✌]

Going back, so when I heard about the plan, I’m definitely hyped up and started to think about the things I wanted to do for them since it’s my first time going to a fan meet even though we’re just Team Labas or Team Airport.

Luckily, I’ve read from an update that the Philippine CARATs (SEVENTEEN’s fandom name) will be conducting a fan project for SEVENTEEN. The fan project is to create and fly paper planes while the members are in the midst of singing “Love Letter” (one of SEVENTEEN’s songs). I really love the idea of that precious moment and fan project that I badly want to participate.

Unfortunately, due to some reasons, my friends backed out at the very moment while I already had my hopes up. Haaay friends. Lesson? Don’t ever trust your friends’ promises and next time, try to go alone! (I still hold grudges though. Char.)

And just like that, my efforts flew just like how these paper planes should flew in Solaire that day. 😭

But still, even though I’m so down that day, I still managed to move on, be happy with the fact that they visited Philippines and we’re all still breathing the same air. 😂😂

The paper planes are kept safely. I can’t let them be destroyed for it would still be a use for this upcoming years’ SEVENTEEN concert. 💞


Too much for anything, my love for SEVENTEEN challenged my creativity skills. Hope I’m not that lacking though. Yiheee. ✌


It’s 2 a.m and I’m still up because I finished this and I waited for the new MV of SEVENTEEN. Oh my SEVENTEEN. It’s really worth the wait. They already got me like Boom, Boom. 💘 Please watch! It will not disappoint you. Instead, it’ll make you love them. 😍 They just hit me right in my feels ~ They produce the best songs because it’s always their hearts that speaks in whatever they do. See for yourself. ^^

I hope you enjoy my story! 😊

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Amity 👸👩👨👦💞

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Old but I’ll never ever get bored.

This is the kind of friendship I’ll always treasure the most.

We’ve been friends since… Who knows when?

But then, the connection was there.

It has always been there.

It will never get lost.

Whenever I face life’s difficulties, they don’t cheer me up. Instead, they conquer it with me.

Whenever I’m happy, a part of it is because of them.

They’re one of the best things that had happened to me.

They’re my happy pills, my source of strength, courage and freewill.

I’ll never be a better person as I am today, without their influence.

I loved them ever since then and I’ll never get tired of it.

For the squad I’ll always be proud being part of.

J, R, A. 💓

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Rotated Perspective.

“We used to be frightened and scared to try, of things we don’t really understand why,

We laugh for a moment and start to cry,

We were crazy.”


          After we’ve watched the movie, 100, this is the very first song that came to my mind. Farewell by Raymond Lauchengco. Apart from it being one of my favorite songs when I was still young, the lyrics clearly depicts the whole meaning of the film. The first line of the lyrics above, states that we are frightened and scared to try the things we don’t really understand. I admit that before we watched the film, I’ve been always afraid with the idea of dying or death. I am always scared of the thought of leaving someone behind or my life being taken in an instant. Well in fact, that is the only minimal fact I knew about death. I didn’t even understand the deeper meaning why death exists, why we cry when someone leaves us or why do they need to go. I just realized all of that after watching the film, 100. The film had thought me that there’s nothing to be scared about death. It is part of our lives and we should fully understand the aspects of it before we could be frightened by it.

“Farewell to you my friends, we’ll see each other again.

                                               Don’t cry cause’ it’s not the end of everything.”

Like I’ve mentioned in my reaction about the film…

“Death is not an end, instead, it’s a new chance to live your life.”

A new chance for everything.

She(Joyce) might be saying goodbye to her family, her friends and her life but then, her presence will constantly remain with them, engraved throughout their hearts.

” I may be miles away, but here is where my heart will stay with you…”

          The death of Joyce was taken lightly by her family and friends because of what she did. She let them acknowledge her death and leave them with traces of her good memories. She had loved them with all of her heart that’s why she doesn’t want them to be hurt and dwell into sadness the moment she had to leave them. That’s why, she spent all of her remaining time bonding and being happy with them.

“Yesterday’s a treasure, today is here. Tomorrow’s on its way, the sky is clear.

                                     Thank you for all the memories of laughters and tears.”

         Our life is a treasure. In the film, Joyce is not afraid of facing tomorrow for she knows that every morning she wakes up, there’s another great day ahead of her. She had made the most out of her remaining time so that she will not regret anything and she’d succeeded in doing so. Not only she had helped herself accept the reality of death but she had also had the glimpse of her afterlife. Her afterlife that indicates another life, an eternal happiness and a great life with God.

         I chose this song because it clearly signifies how the film is presented. The song is not meant to indicate a sad ending but a happy one. Like in the film, Joyce’s family are all smiles at the end of the movie because all of them had already accepted Joyce’s fate. It is not the endings that is sad but how you perceive it and understood life.

[Song Lyrics and Picture are not mine. Credits to the rightful owners. 🙂 ]

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The real reflection.


 “Death lets you see a clearer view of life”

         That is what I realized after we watched the film, 100. We are too engaged with the idea of living that we often neglect the reality behind it, that if there’s life, there’s also death. We were too busy dealing with life that we lose track of our time and we didn’t even recognize the existence of death rushing towards us. It’s too fast that you can’t even grasp it.

          As I watch and analyze the film, I mainly observed the main character’s persona and how she dealt with her life. Joyce is a woman with a great personality. She reflects the characteristics of having no fear, authoritativeness and independence. But, despite of having those sorts f personalities, she lacks control of herself. She let herself focus only to an aspect of her life, and that is how she will strive for living. She only had her eyes for her work, her career, to be specific. Although that it is not mentioned in the movie that she is a workaholic, you can clearly see it by the way she moves and works around the office and how meticulous her attitude is towards dealing with work. I remembered that at the start of the film, Joyce was currently resigning at her job. It is noticeable that her boss doesn’t approve of the idea of letting Joyce leave the company. From that note, I discerned that she is mainly fixated at her work that she became an essential part of the company.

         With all the work she had to deal almost everyday, she had abandoned her life outside work. She resides away from her mother’s home and lives on her own. She had vices that she let her body acknowledge and relies her whole system through it.

She’s very busy with living that she didn’t realized that she’s also busy digging up her own grave. 

           When she already understood that she had finally met with her life’s turning point, that is when she started to see a clearer view of her life. Life has its own way of letting Joyce know that she should not only focus to a particular phase of her life but then she should look also as to what surrounds it. Luckily, Joyce had perceived it earlier and because of that, she had time to contemplate to what is primarily missing in her life. Whenever she’s busy with her job and her bad vices, she also loses her time that should be intended for her family, her friends and finding her own happiness. She also had affairs in the past that she had to put an end into but because she’s too busy struggling for living, she disregarded all of that.

At her brink of death, because she had foreseen what she should be doing, without wasting any amount of time left, she started to live her life to the fullest.  

And with that, I admired her determination. I can’t bear to imagine myself having that kind of lifestyle same as Joyce’s but then she proved that she could change for the life that she needs for the life that she wants.

Death lets her focus on things that she’s been blinded for life.

She wholeheartedly accepted her fate and that also lead for everyone around her to accept it.

 Death is not as bad as we thought. Yet, it gives us another chance to live our life.


A second chance to get right what we did wrong.

A chance to be the person we should be before we leave this world.

A chance for everything.


        All of my life, I know I’ve been living the life the way I wanted to. But who knows? Maybe at some point in my life, I needed to live because I needed to and not because I wanted to, just like what Joyce did. That like Joyce, I should take it all as a great opportunity and not as a stressful matter. I should make every moment of my life meaningful and I should not waste any time. The film had thought me life’s great lessons that I’ll be able to apply as I go through with my own life. So, cheers to my years to come!

Kudos, 100!






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Annyeong, Oppa! (Switch Persona)

[PHOTOS AND GIF’s are not mine. Photo credits to the respective owners. 🙂 ]

It’s an unusual feeling yet a satisfying one. It’s only a matter of minutes before we could finally perform to the stage that we’ve been dreaming to for so long. We are already at the backstage of Show Champion wherein our first debut stage will take place. The cheer and the loud fan chants fro the fans can be heard ll over the place. It makes our hearts pound at the same time, flutter. It drives our motivation and eagerness to perform well.


Our group name was finally called by the MC. It is time for the showcase. Our managers had gathered us for the last minute briefing before our performance. Not long after, we’ve gone to the stage. To my surprise, a lot of fans cheered for us, raising banners with our group name and individual stage names imprinted on it. With that alone, I felt that we’re special even though we’re still rookies in the KPOP industry.

It is really an overwhelming feeling. My decision to pursue life in Korea isn’t a bad idea after all. I remembered being casted on the streets of New York while I’m on my way home after strolling by one of the top entertainment agencies from Korea. They asked me to try the auditions and luckily, I passed. I was 21 years old back then, a fresh graduate. I am from scratch. I came to New York just to unwind. So, I don’t really know where to start off. I also can’t bring myself to a country that I’ve never been into. By then, my parents made me choose. In the end, I realized that I have to hold onto my dream because it is a one great opportunity, performing on stage and be able to show my skills and talents across the world- and after a while, I guess, I didn’t fail?

After our performance, a short fan meeting was held. There are tons of fans that had been rooting to see us and I don’t want any of them to feel disappointed. They’ve been already our fans since we began training. Yes, like other KPOP idols, I’ve been trained for almost 5 years.

Every day, I am learning how to fit in the world I am expected to be engaging for the next 20 years of my life.

I’ll admit it is very hard. Being away from your family and being in a country that you have no idea how to begin life with, training from day to night not knowing if you’re going to have a future or if you’ll be debuting as a KPOP star but then, you needed to stay determined. We’ve already came this far. We served as an inspiration now to all of our fans. We had them soar their hopes up for us. We can’t fail them.


  “Lee Jungshin oppa, uljimayo. (Don’t cry)” – A voice of a fan girl that made me come back to my senses. I didn’t realize that I am puring tears as I am watching myself back then when I was still interviewed for our behind story as a trainee. I lose track of time. It’s been a year already when we debuted. We are able to reminisce those times by watching old clips compiled by our fans and we are now watching it with them through a VCR that is being played for our first anniversary concert.

I realized that we’ve been through a lot. We made it past the struggles of being a trainee, we travel through places, we gained lots of fans, we became world- renowned, we had made 3 albums in a year and be able to made our songs be placed no.1 to different international music charts. We also gained awards like “Best Male Group Award”, “Most Influential Group in Asia”, “Fan vote Popularity Award, “KPOP World Hallyu Star Award”, “Best Artist Award” and a lot more. With all the achievements we had, our group had became a world-renowned group. We’re now living the dream that we used to have before and I have no regrets of pursuing the life of being a KPOP idol. It’s a whole lot new experience for me and for all of us and this is our life now.

Time will past but our group will remain as great memory with a story of our journey.

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Bishes for keeps. 👊 💋


Uhmm. I don’t know what to write, first and foremost.

I can’t seem to find enough words to describe the kind of friendship that we have.

Our friendship started like a blast.

Nothing could’ve known that our attitudes will bind us even if in fact, we have our own set of differences.

Well, that’s life.

You can’t predict what will happen or whom you will going to meet every single day.

But I’m happy I do meet them. No regrets. No shame.

They didn’t even  have to bother to be perfect for being imperfect is one of their assets and you’ll be going to love them with all of that.

They’re the coolest, funniest, prettiest and all of the superlative adjectives you can decipher.

It’s not that I’m being boastful or anything but they’re naturally possessing all those attributes and no one can argue with that.

I just love them for I can be my best whenever I’m with them.

It’s like everyday’s a surprise but everything’s worthwhile.

Those endless laughs, sudden smiles, surprise calls or texts, long or little conversations, foods and travels, although simple, means a lot more than anything.

I may not be blessed with all the riches in the world, but I’m blessed to have this two gals with me and with that, I’m so thankful.

We’re not that good, maybe nice.

We’re not that bad, just a little spice.

We’re not that high-class, maybe average.

We’re not classy, we just know how to flaunt it.

We’re not perfect, just humble.

We’re not better, if we’re not together.

We’re bishes, like on fire. 🔥🔥🔥



Pweee. @j.cooo & @khaleesi 💗 😽